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Stopping Violence through Safety, Training and Confidence
Stopping Violence through Safety Training and Confidence
Stopping Violence through Safety, Training and Confidence

Center Shot Training, LLC

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Center Shot Training, LLC

Center Shot Training, LLC is a Family and Veteran owned/operated business. We specialize in training firearm safety, handling, self-defense, personal protection, concealed carry, marksmanship, Gunsmith needs and legal customizations.

Our mission is to teach you how to safely improve your Hunting, Target Practice, Competition, Self Defense skills and understand how to safely maintain, operate and store your firearm.

Nothing is obvious to the uninformed. When you decide to learn a new skill, study, professional training and practice are critical to improving your proficiency and confidence.

Our comprehensive basic courses are an in-depth introduction to safe firearm handling. The courses are designed for those who have little to no experience with firearms or who may have prior past experience and want to update their skills. Whether you are interested in learning for fun, target shooting, hunting or competition shooting. This is the course for you!

Our advanced courses specialize in Self Defense Techniques, Defensive Shooting versus Marksmanship and provides practical skills on how to use firearms safely, with confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Whether you are new to firearms or require specialized training, the right instructor can provide you a solid foundation and a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and beyond.

Empowering others to become safe, proficient and confident with firearms is why Center Shot Training was created.


Frequently Asked Question

If you don’t already own a hand gun, rifle or shotgun, before you purchase, please contact us. We can assess your individual needs and recommend the best choice for your first firearm. We can assist you in making your purchase or order we can order it for you. A 22 rifle or handgun is a great target for practice but, it’s not a good choice for bear hunting.
Student to instructor ratio for all our classes is a maximum of 8 to 1. In our experience, this allows the instructor to provide more individual attention, understand each student’s needs and experience level.
Safety and well-being of our students & instructors is our #1 priority.

Those who are pregnant or moms of infant children should always seek the advice from their doctors* and take into consideration any special circumstances that may exist. The THREE biggest concerns for the baby when shooting are lead poisoning, noise exposure and cleaning solvents.. There are many articles by medical professionals that go into great detail on these topics, giving worst case scenarios and many guidelines if you work in an environment that puts you at a higher risk for injury to the baby. While all of that information is extremely important, it muddies the water on the simple question of “can I shoot while pregnant and/or breast feeding?”
*We will require a doctor’s note authorizing you to take our class.

According to the most current census data, there are approximately 74 million individuals that identify as disabled. This population is growing as the Baby Boomer generation ages and as injured soldiers return from overseas. As a group, they are generally under-represented in the shooting sports, personal protection and hunting communities. Our goal is to increase access and participation in shooting activities for people with disabilities, techniques may be modified as necessary, every effort will be made to ensure safe methods for every individual to enjoy shooting.

So, you already own a firearm. Maybe you inherited it, it was given to you or you just bought it from a salesperson, at the gun shop. It’s been sitting on a shelf, in a drawer or in the closet. Many individuals own guns and they have no idea how to take apart and clean, maintain and store them safely. This class was created so you can learn how to clean and care for your own firearm. After all what good is it if it either doesn’t work or you afraid to use it because you don’t know how it works?(this class does not teach shooting techniques!) Spend a couple of hours and get it back in tip top shape.


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