Commentary: Several people injured after shooting at Walmart in Chastain Meadows

Pistol beside a cup of tea

Some people in my family have commented (not to my face) that they consider me paranoid for carrying concealed all the time. My answer to those people. I go to this Walmart weekly if not more often. It’s not that I would confront this person in fact my SOP that I live by and teach is 1, exit the scene (run), seek cover (hide) and then 3, confront if forced. But at least I would be on equal footing if I were confronted and could protect my wife or myself if necessary. What would you do if not carrying and faced with only the third option?

Next door post. 12-08-22

Not sure but my son’s girlfriend works with someone who’s girlfriend works at the Walmart off Barrett by Chastain said there is an active shooter at that Walmart right now. I do not know anything else. I am praying