Firearms Training Class: Turn Your Life into an Action Movie

Firearms Training Class

Practice makes perfect!

If one day you bit the bullet and bought yourself one of these and it was just sitting in your driveway you probably wouldn’t know how to drive it without practice. And you definitely couldn’t go on a racetrack at 100 + miles an hour without a lot of practice. You wouldn’t know how to take the turns accelerate on the straightaways, engage the clutch downshift on the curves, punch it and come out like a rocket.

A gun should be thought of the same way. Just because you bought it and bullets and a fancy holster doesn’t mean you’re ready to defend yourself with it. Going to the range and firing 50 rounds doesn’t prepare you for the stress of a fight. The big difference between standing pointing at the target and drawing from a concealed holster with your eyes on the target aiming and hitting what you’re aiming at. You would need to practice as much as you would to drive a sports car so do yourself a favor and start with a conceal carry class and get the foundational principles of what’s involved it’s not like the movies in real life. Get training and practice give us a call we get you started on the road to self-defense.