A silver matt-finish 9mm pistol

This weekend I was reading a new article that said you are 30 times more like than die from a gunshot than a fire. Since I was reading it in a gun magazine, I thought I read it incorrectly (I’m dyslexic happens all the time).

So, I read it again and then went ahead and read the rest of the article and decided to check out some other morbid facts. Look it up. Odd of dying. In this list it shows that your 69 times more likely to die from preventable death than fire so who knows?

Lifetime odds of death for selected causes, United States, 2020

Cause of DeathOdds of Dying
Heart disease1 in 6
Cancer1 in 7
COVID-191 in 12
Chronic lower respiratory disease1 in 28
Opioid overdose1 in 67
SUISIDE1 in 93
Motor-vehicle crash1 in 101
Fall1 in 102
Pedestrian incident1 in 541
Motorcyclist1 in 799
Drowning1 in 1,024
FIRE OR SMOKE1 in 1,450

The point of this article is, we are starting up again a FREE MONTHLY Child Safety CLASS once a month so children can learn what to do in CASE, they come across a gun. You say you don’t have any guns so it doesn’t affect you. How many times do we hear about tragedies where the person reflects “IT COULD NEVER HAAPPEN TO US! “What about their friends house another kid, the woods just laying there. I have 2 grand kids are 8 and 10 they are Ferrets; they can find stuff everywhere so when they come over everything is locked up for their safety. You’re thinking what’s the catch? Nothing is free anymore? The only “catch” is we require one parent or legal guardian to accompany their child or children to sign a waiver permitting me to teach for 2 HOURS on a Saturday about safety. CONTACT us ASAP space is limited and depending how long this article is up the date might have changed. Come on overcome the apathy, call 770-324-3441 ask for Rico and I’ll give you the time and place of when the next. We sincerely hope that you call.

Thanks Rico de la Llama