Firearms Introductory Overview


I have found that some people don’t have the time for a comprehensive course and just want an overview. I have a short course that is without any kind of certification or Shooting range time, if you just want an over view it’s 49.95 for a 2-hour course, no range time. It covers how to handle guns safely, following the 4 Cardinal rules of gun safety, how to store them and a review of basic principles of firearm ownership. Explanation of what you can expect in the Basic course

Class Time: 2 hours
Range Time: None
Location: TBD
Capacity: TBD


Safe firearms handling including teaching aides and emphasize on the 4 Cardinal Rules of Firearm Safety.  In this introduction class, you will learn about firearms safety, storage and  handling. Firearm types and terminology.

What You Will Receive


What to Bring:
  • Pen & Paper to take notes




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