The Clock is Ticking: Buy a Gun and Get your Firearm Training now!

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The Clock is ticking. You still have the legal ability to buy one until President Biden’s unlawful order goes into effect or the Courts overturn an illegal order. I know it wasn’t news but the infamous Butt stock ban was overturned in the courts!


80 Percent Arms | Apr 13th, 2022

On April 11th, 2022, President Biden held a large press conference at the On April 11th, 2022, President Biden held a large press conference at the White House announcing the finalized ruling of the ATF’s new proposed rulemaking 2021R-05F which stands to change the entire 80 percent of the firearms industry as we know it. This rule was written with the purpose of banning 80 lower receivers and 80 lower jigs in just 120 days from the publish date. In the meantime, you are still allowed to purchase these products.

We are working with our legal team to fight this unprecedented rule that completely hijacked our legal system and bypassed the formal process of how legislation should be created. We will be mounting a robust legal challenge to this executive overreach, and 100% of every dollar spent on our website in the coming months will help cover the very significant legal costs involved with taking on the federal government in court. Please check back often for updates to our site and keep up with our upcoming blogs.

If you want a clear understanding of what this means to you, call text, or email me for a layman’s explanation.