Center Shot Training

This blew my mind. A judge in California has overturned the Assault weapons ban because one of arguments the defendants used was that this AR 15 was a weapon of war and not common amongst Americans. The judge replied with is jewel! “The modern rifle are so popular that in 2018 Ford trucks sold 909,330 F-150’s. TWICE as many modern rifles were sold that same year. Imagine every time one passes a new Ford pickup truck it’s a reminder that 2 modern rifles have been purchased. That’s a lot of modern rifles owned by Americans”

Fact; the AR15 is the most prolific rifle in the USA available in more calibers than you thought, from 22 Long Rifle To 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum.And that my friends are why you cannot believe the argument for gun control will work by passing new laws. THEY LIE ABOUT ALL OF IT! Enforce the laws we have now and we can make a serious dent in gun violence. Educate everyone with Firearm Safety, Protect the 2nd Amendment from infringement and cities like Chicago would see a serious decline in gun violence. Criminals will think twice when they have to worry about law abiding citizens being allowed to defend themselves.

And if your still not sure think on this, if you were at someone’s home and they asked you to dive into a pool filled with Sharks would you, do it? How about if it’s to save a loved one life that already in the pool would you risk it then? Or wait for emergency services to arrive? And risk losing them forever.