Why is concealed carry such an important class once you learn how to shoot

Gun in a holster

Advance handgun safety class/ Concealed Carry class is a 3-to-4-hour class focusing on how to draw and “present” your handgun from the holster concealed or not while always practicing your safety fundamental to keep your practice as safe as possible!

This class is your “next step” in training after you have taken a Basic Handgun Safety class or basics class from another instructor.

Concealment is the essential advantage that the armed citizen has in personal protection. That can mean carrying a gun on your waist, shoulder, ankle and although NOT recommended from a handbag.

• Learn, or revisit, the four positions of the draw, how to safely draw, and how to holster your firearm.

• Learn the different basic starting positions for the hands in a self-defense draw.

• The most important part for the armed individual is to quickly asses the threat and access their weapon to sight in on the threat and make accurate shots efficiently. And only after your sure it’s safe holstering your gun (it’s not a race)

• Clearing your shirt or coat if applicable and getting a good grip from the start

• Different holster positions locations on your body and popular holsters and their PROS & CONS•

• Dry fire exercises at home for practice

• Live fire (with ammunition) practice

And yes, reviewing the 4 safety rules of gun use.