Promote the Gunvote 

Promote the GUNVOTE Message

Help Spread The #GUNVOTE Message. The 2022 mid-term elections are quickly approaching. As a valued business leader in the firearm industry, you are in a unique position to help educate gun owners about the importance of voting. We encourage you to add the #GUNVOTE® icon to your website, linking it to, and help spread the word through your social media channels as well. Easy-to-use graphics can be downloaded here VIEW THE PORTAL. As you know, gun owners are a powerful voting bloc and can sway an election. But the only way to be effective at the ballot box is to ensure that every gun owner who is eligible to vote is properly registered and well informed on Election Day.

That is why the #GUNVOTE program is so vitally important and we can’t do it without you. We hope you will join us in promoting the NSSF® #GUNVOTE campaign, because there is too much at stake on Election Day not to be 100 percent committed.