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Child Firearms Safety Class


The term “gun accident” is a misnomer and accordingly, those of us in the Firearms Industry, do not use that designation because “gun accident” is inaccurate as a means of categorization. What laymen call a “gun accident”, those in the industry call a “negligent discharge “. For those of us who work with firearms KNOW that if you know and follow “The 4 Gun Safety Rules” then by definition, “accidents “ can’t happen. Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I let it be known in my community that once a month I would hold a FREE Child Firearms Safety Class. I’m old enough to remember a time when firearm safety was just one of many life skills kids learned when growing up, like drivers education today. Prior to the 1970’s, children would learn about gun safety from a host of people such as friends and relatives. When I was young, back when the earth was formed, everyone I knew had or knew someone who lived out in the country. Additionally, it was a safe bet, that when you visited said friend or family member, the situation invariably occurred when “someone” would bring out a 22 rifle or handgun for the sole purpose to teach the “newbie”, aka child/teenager how to safely use it and of course learn necessary safety measures to avoid “gun accidents”. In today’s society, firearm safety is not only recommended but should be considered just as valuable n taught just as early as when one is taught to look both ways before crossing the street.

I personally have taught parents alongside their children Firearms Safety, where parents began their first class to only horrifyingly discover their precious kids have already come in contact with a gun. It horrifies me also. My Child Firearms Safety Class sole purpose is to educate and inform kids and parents alike, how to handle firearms safely. So both groups know in advance how to minimize/prevent someone from getting hurt or God forbid killed simply because of ignorance.

I primarily use the NRA’s “Eddy the Eagle” program and the NSSF’s Child Safe literature in my free Childs Firearms Safety Course. I keep the classes manageable with 15 to 20 people total. That number includes one parent/guardian for their respective child /children enrolled in the class. The normal and acceptable age cut off used in the industry is 5 years old. I use a my age measuring tool, when a kid is capable of watching cartoons and can understand and explain the difference between a “real hammer” and toy “plastic hammer”, then that child can understand firearms safety. The 4 Rules of Gun Safety is the foundation for my Childs Firearms Safety Coarse. If anyone reading this is interested in learning more, I’m happy to oblige. Give me a call.

To all, I challenge anyone out there, if my idea was initiated, even on a trial basis, why would it NOT work?