Get Even Better at Shooting with Center Shot Training

8-hour Rifle Class to Improve Shooting Skills

 I practice what I preach.

This month on October 26 I am taking a 8 hour rifle class from instructor Paul which is one of the instructors at War Poet Society*. Now many of you that I have taught safety shooting class know why. Those of you that had me build, zero, test fire and teach how to shoot may find it redundant. What do you have to learn? You can build them, zero them, shoot them pretty good, (last week I was shooting with a student and hit a hanging horse shoe at 50 yards, lucky shot no doubt) but I read once” L.U.C.K. is laboring under correct knowledge” 45 years of shooting AR’s must come in handy for something.

I digress, the reason for the class is, in those 8 hours I am going to learn new thing I didn’t know, have forgotten and get coaching from Paul who is watching my good and bad habits. I will learn and practice thing you can’t do from an indoor range. They usually don’t allow people shooting laying down, kneeling sitting and moving laterally from one position to another. About the most you can do is switch from your right to left shoulder. That’s why I encourage additional training it’s one thing to watch it on YouTube its quite different doing live in front of your peers. I know why I do it. I still haven’t had a student that knew more about shooting than I did, but then again that why I teach people new to the sport a 3-hour course so they can remember more of what I teach. I welcome anyone who wants to lear n more or take me up on showing me up! Have a great day!

Thanks Rico!