Get Prepared to Protect your Family and Loved ones: Get Firearms Training

Firearms Training

Hi everyone, hope you are doing great. It looks like Ga. is finally going to get some form of constitutional carry. What does that mean remains to be seen? In light of that good news, I decided to post some tough love. See if you get where I’m going here. When getting into a self-defense situation a rock in hand is better than nothing. A knife or bat is slightly better than a rock. I have talked to friends and students and sincerely asked how much they intend to practice shooting. Unfortunately most say about 50 rounds a month proudly. What are they practicing, I think to myself immediately. All they are doing is practicing being a stationary target for people to shoot at. Are they learning how to run away, seek cover or concealment, think, move and shoot so they are harder to hit and have a better chance than most at staying alive? No, they are not. You can be a better shot than me, faster than me, and have a newer gun than me. But, 9 times out of 10, I’m going to do things your not prepared for. Get prepared to protect your family and loved ones. Get training. I will leave you with this. I got my first stick shift in 1979 and drove one daily till 2017. A couple of months ago I tried driving my daughter stick shift. I stalled out 4 times reversing out of the driveway. If you don’t use it you lose it. If you never conceived it, how will you ever apply it? Take lessons and practice. Be prepared to save a life. It may be your loved ones or your own!