No Match for Mama

No Match

What would you have done? And in spite of the mother successfully protecting the daughter. Please don’t try to do what she did without first learning how to ensure that result. If the mother was not it could have lead to tragic results.

No Match for Mama

A Las Vegas teenager is alive because of her mother and a loaded gun. While babysitting her nephew, the teenager got into an argument with her father, who flew off the handle and began strangling her. The mother tried to intervene but could not get the father to stop. When the fight with their attacker turned physical, the mother had to shoot to defend her life and the life of her daughter. Detectives determined she acted in self-defense. The nephew was unharmed.

In Review: While much is not known about the sequence of events, here is my analysis:

• Legal: The mother would have been legally justified in shooting when the attacker was choking the daughter. Additionally, given disparity of force and the likelihood of further harm to the daughter, the mother was justified in shooting when she was physically attacked.

• Tactical: When people find themselves frequently arguing, joint de-escalation training and conflict-management education are essential to avoid physical and deadly situations.

• Training: Without TRAINING the story would have had a very ending! Call us take a class be trained to know what your limitations are . What you can and can’t do legally and physically! 770-324-3441.