Self Defense Firearms Training: Improving Situational Awareness with Proper Training

Self Defense Firearms Training

I saw a youtube video from Colion Noir where he pointed out how important situational awareness is to avoid being attacked. I started cheering when I hear this. Thank God someone with a public voice that has the nerve to point this out! If you don’t like it, I hope it never comes your way. You know I have never been held up or robbed. It was attempted several times but all criminals I have encountered back off when a loaded gun is pointed at their head or knife is stuck to the bone in their thigh. (I was 12 to young to own a gun but old enough for a pedofile to try to cop a feel). At least one person gets it. Be another one and watch his video, give him a thumbs up! Education training and confidence is the only way to,learn to protect yourself or your loved Be safe be prepared! Want to learn how call me.

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